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About Asympt Man!

Asympt Man is all of us.

Asympt Man use music, storytelling and art to explore narratives of humankind, society, culture and politics; shining a brazen spotlight on issues that affect us all. Their brand of ‘alt-indie-rock for the masses’ has quickly become respected for connecting audiences and bringing together music fans of all tastes.

As Lou Reed said, “Rock and Roll can change the world”. Let’s make it happen!

The asymptote is a metaphor for human evolution, chasing infinity, but never being capable of achieving perfection in society or humankind. As the ascent of man approaches the ideal of knowledge and understanding, the greater our ignorance and fallibility unfolds. The more clear it becomes that our world has regressed and failed in a quest for peace and equality, through the ascendancy of greed, fear and hysteria. Asympt Man uses musical-visual artworks to explore the issues of societal imbalance and promote actions of thoughtfulness, compassion and engagement to continue the primal quest for infinity.

Asympt Man's debut EP 'Chasing Infinity' was released in July 2018, followed by a first live headline show at the legendary The Water Rats in London in September 2018. The band quickly co-wrote a further EP which was performed during their short US East Coast Tour during May 2019, covering Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Studio production commenced in summer 2019, in preparation for launch and promotion in early 2020.

Asympt Man are:

Rob Toulson: guitar, vocals

Mike Exarchos: bass, keys, synth

Paul Thompson: drums, guitar, vocals

+ friends!

Asympt Man live at The Water Rats, London, during their first live performance in September 2018. Joined on stage by Sharon Sullivan (violin) and Paul Bond (lead guitar).


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