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Chasing Infinity EP Launched As Videofilm Trilogy

Asympt Man's debut EP Chasing Infinity is released as three videofilms alongside the full release on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms. In collaboration with director John Renney, the band created these musical-visual artworks each connected by a metaphor of human movement, used to symbolise emotions and journeys of life.

Caught In A Fire uses a visual metaphor and expressive movement as a visual metaphor to explore the complexity of depression from the perspective of a friend, carer or loved one. Reflecting on a feeling of helplessness while observing something precious burn away, and being powerless to intervene despite offering love, patience and understanding for those involved. The confusion and frustration of watching mental instability on a daily basis and potentially absorbing the symptoms without actually experiencing the illness.

The song is vividly about being caught trapped in a fire too, initiated by an irrational childhood fear. Looking back on the days when farming communities would dangerously burn trails of wheat stalks after the harvest had finished, and the need for respect and awareness of the power of fire. Mourning tragedies reported in the media, and the sense of powerlessness of those involved, and of the panic, pain and suffering caused.

Caught In A Fire was written many years before the Grenfell tragedy, but stands as a homage to those impacted by the events and a reminder for those in positions of influence to act in favor of the less fortunate, and to provide all humans with the same consideration of safety and support.

The film for Thinking Of You uncovers a personal journey towards self-understanding and peace, relating to obsession and addiction of all forms including lust, drugs and digital interaction. Misunderstanding and confusion persist with unacknowledged side effects, false personalities and hidden truths, fueled by anxiety, fear and expectation. Trust, distrust and mistrust occupy the mind leaving an unbalanced perception of mystery, intrigue and passion.

The song is narrated by a lead guitar line which represents the internal dialogue of a person suffering with an obsessive personality, and the personal struggle to rationalise an escalating issue or addictive illness.

The film for Speed of Sound reflects on the journeys and dances of life. the song relates to the epidemic of male suicide, written shortly after the Football Manager Gary Speed died, and reflecting on many other talented and prolific men whose lives were tragically cut short - not least from the world of music. The song is a compassionate yet confused narrative, calling for further research and support as to understand how seemingly successful people can be convinced that the world will be a better place without them, or they will be better off without the world.

The epidemic affects men and women, young and old, affluent and poor, yet prevails in a society that aims to be progressive and diverse. This is a true failing of our modern culture, where tragedies are reported as cold statistics and the economies of corporate power occupy mainstream political attention.

The song reflects that success is a relative quantity, and contemporary judgments of the term are blinkered towards evidence of status and wealth, ignorant to the fact that all humans are fallible and deserving of love, support and security.

The full Chasing Infinity EP can be streamed on Spotify here, or directly in the embedded player below:


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